We Need To Rest!

Isn't it interesting when we were children it took our parents forever to get us to rest? We would strongly protest and try to outsmart them from resting. Instead, we wanted to stay up as late as we could to watch tv! If we can be honest, time hasn't changed too much for us. Many [...]

Starting Over Again As A Christian

" I remember when no song would phase me. I remember thinking no prayer could penetrate me. I remember when no emotion towards church would escape me. I remember thinking no low level could describe me. It had been years of me fighting against God's presence. How could we ever reconcile? It's not like I [...]

We Cannot Bear It All!

The day we choose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord we are entering on to a new spiritual path. A path that is in need of guidance and support! During my spiritual journey, I've been a part of great faith based communities. Yet, I wasn't always comfortable to share certain battles I was fighting alone. [...]

Spoiler Alert: The Pull Propels Us!

There comes a point in all of our walks with God where we feel stretched. Being stretched can be any thing that causes us to feel what we are experiencing is bound to break us! Even the following can make us feel stretched: • Just filling up your car with gas, then as you leave [...]

Mirrors Part III: Does It Really Take All Of That?

Falling in love with ourselves isn't as beautiful as a Disney princess movie! Especially, if we have allowed other's perceptions to manipulate the vision of what we see in ourselves. Some times it takes a messy situation for us to realize just how beautiful we really are. If you are reading this blog post for [...]