It’s Calling You!

It’s always calling you.   That deep thing within you that pushes you. It drives you. The thing you go to sleep thinking about. And, that thing you wake up hoping for. It may not be in your hands. Yet, you wish and you pray that it will manifest soon. It pushes, pushes, pushes and [...]


My Inner Circle

Having true friends is something we all desire. Better yet, it is something we all need in our lives to feel complete! The term friendship is getting tossed around quite loosely these days. In our social media-driven society, friendships can be measured by the amount of followers one has on his/her Instagram page. But, can [...]

Fear is no match to God!

It's amazing how we allow fear to stop us. We will prolong something we need due to imaginary harm we've created in our own minds! Even worse, we some times live our lives based on other people's fearful perceptions. "Don't do it!" "If you try it, I know ____ will happen." "They tried it and [...]

A Friendship That Covers

My reason for chasing after God was to be the person that I never had to someone else. As a teen, I longed for someone to come and walk through life with me. Someone who had been there before and wanted nothing more than the best for me. So, when the opportunity arose for me [...]

Important Update!

Hey, Honey Bunches! Tomorrow, we will reschedule our weekly blog post from Wednesday to Thursday on our website. BG will be having a minor surgery & she’s looking forward to sharing with you all on next Wednesday, 8/7! On Thursday, 8/1, “A Friendship That Covers” by Kendria H. will be uploaded here on EmpowerHer.Blog. If [...]

Let’s Change Bitter To Better!

I don't understand what's wrong with me? It seems like it always works out for them. But, it never works out for me. What am I doing wrong! To be honest, I'm tired of trying. What's the point? I already know how it played out before. Maybe, this is the way God wants it to [...]