Faith It! :How Do You Respond To The Giants In Your Life?

Can you imagine life without faith? It doesn't sound right to you either, huh? Throughout my whole life, I've read many scriptures and heard sermons on faith to a point where I can confidently quote most bible stories! Without hesitation, I'll share how David killed Goliath, Job gained more than he lost, Hannah had a [...]

No Sex. No Masturbation.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The fight is on. Every morning when I am half asleep. Though my eyes are closed, I can still envision past affairs that I prematurely shared with individuals who I no longer have a connection to. Just an uneasy desire that makes it difficult to get out of the bed. Should I [...]

Let’s Chat at 5!

Hey, Honey Bunches! We appreciate you for being the amazing family that you are. Every month, this platform keeps getting bigger with love and support of Christian transparency. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! This post is a special update to tonight’s Chat w/BG. We will be pushing up the time for Chat w/BG from [...]