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EMPOWER HER BLOG: The Key For Results

Can I tell you a secret? I have never been the best gardener. The only thing I have ever been proud of ‘growing’ is a mud pie I made in grade school. And, that pie was beautiful! Back then, I believed I created a masterpiece including…mud…sticks…and plucked flower weeds I obtained from my parent’s backyard. […]

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I’m curious, how often do you use GPS when traveling long distances? Quite often, right? Well, this past weekend I sure needed GPS as I traveled a different route to visit my mom and family for Mother’s Day. Let’s just say… I had a whole lot of stops due to me drinking TWO FULL BOTTLES […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: When God Seems Silent

There comes a point in every believer’s life where I believe we feel that God is silent. Sometimes we feel as if God is quieter than previous seasons. Perhaps you are someone currently who is experiencing the feeling of God being silent. Like you, there have been moments where I, too, experienced the feeling! However, […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: 4 Simple Steps To Read Your Bible!

Whether you have been a believer of Christ for one day or one hundred years, reading the Bible is something you understand helps you to grow spiritually stronger. As one of my favorite ministers shares ‘The Bible is basic instructions before leaving earth’! And, today, I want to share with you four of my simple […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: 3 Biblical Tips To Stop Anxiety!

If you are reading this post, my guess is you have dealt with anxiety, right? Well, let me share with you…you…my friend are not alone! I, too, have dealt with anxiety. Though I am no medical professional, I am now overcoming anxiety through biblical verses and would love to share my journey, so you too […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: Your Time Is Divine

Okay, be honest. Did you know that a cappuccino and latte have the exact same ingredients? I am literally today years old when I found out about this sorcery! All my life I thought that these hot beverages were made up of different ingredients. In fact, both cappuccinos and lattes include coffee, expresso, and milk. […]

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