Becoming In Faith

Did you know there are three stages of becoming spiritually? The first stage is unbecoming. The second stage is becoming. And, the final stage is become. I believe each stage of becoming in faith is necessary for our spiritual growth and provides a blueprint for those who cross our path. “We are carefully joined together […]

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What You Speak Is What You Get!

I believe one of the coolest things about growing up with older parents is you get exposed to more things than a person who has younger parents. For example, my parents were young in the 70s. Growing up with my parents I grew accustomed to listening to music from the 70s! Therefore, when it comes […]

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What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

What’s interesting about Christianity for me is I grew up in Christianity and didn’t understand the full context of a Christ follower until a few years ago 😳 I grew up in church culture. My Father, Pastor. My Mother, First Lady. I attended Sunday School…weekly. Celebrated Easter & Christmas…yearly. However, I really didn’t comprehend the […]

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