The Distractions Are Your Signal For Breakthrough… Don’t Stop, Keep Going!

A lot times we look at distractions as a hinderance or a blockage. When something unexpectedly pops up in our lives, we find ourselves slowing down or stopping from the very thing we were going after. Once the distraction makes its way towards us, we may say something along the lines as: This is a [...]

Yes…Emotional Tides Are Real And Can Be Healed!

Some times it's hard to tell if we are involved in an emotional tide with someone. Believe it or not, many of us have been! We don't even realize it until we find ourselves in a situation where anything said or done involving a former significant other negatively triggers us. What do I mean you [...]

It’s Time To Go Live! It's a new year! 2019 was yesterday, now we have entered into a new decade. Was it just me or did last year passed by quickly? It was like JaaaaaAuguSeptecember! Okay, maybe not that quickly. 😄 The great news you have made it to a new year. And, if you are reading this blog [...]

Come Alive: You are called. Act like it!

I want you to know you are worth it. You deserve more than happiness. The person who you were is proud of who you are. Don't allow what is to blind you of your destiny. God has a calling over your life so powerful. If you could only see what was up ahead you would [...]