No Sex. No Masturbation.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The fight is on. Every morning when I am half asleep. Though my eyes are closed, I can still envision past affairs that I prematurely shared with individuals who I no longer have a connection to. Just an uneasy desire that makes it difficult to get out of the bed. Should I [...]

We Cannot Bear It All!

The day we choose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord we are entering on to a new spiritual path. A path that is in need of guidance and support! During my spiritual journey, I've been a part of great faith based communities. Yet, I wasn't always comfortable to share certain battles I was fighting alone. [...]

Mirrors Part III: Does It Really Take All Of That?

Falling in love with ourselves isn't as beautiful as a Disney princess movie! Especially, if we have allowed other's perceptions to manipulate the vision of what we see in ourselves. Some times it takes a messy situation for us to realize just how beautiful we really are. If you are reading this blog post for [...]