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EMPOWER HER BLOG: When You Don’t Have The Right Words

Sometimes I don’t have the right words to say. Sometimes my mind is not as strong. Sometimes my feelings weigh heavier than my faith. My tears scream louder than my thoughts. And, the only thing I can muster up is “God, I need you.” I may not be able to feel the power beyond my […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: This Is How You Prepare!

Have you ever tried baking without all the ingredients? It can be one of the most unpleasant experiences, right? There you are trying to bake a cake. You take out your favorite mixing bowl. You add your softened butter. You add your sugar. You add your flour. You add eggs…one by one…to your mixing bowl. […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: What You Need Is Found Here!

Let me guess there is something that you need right now. It can be something big or small. Either way, if you can be honest with yourself, there is some area in your life where you need something, right? What if I told you what you need can be found at this very moment? And, […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: God, Are You Really Listening?

There are times when one asks the question. The question most ask, God are you listening? I believe this question comes mostly when a person feel as if what they are saying or requesting from God is not being answered in the way or time they expected. Or, maybe that someone is just me! Sometimes […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: 3 Verses To Remember When Life Seems To Fall Apart

Have you ever experienced something in life where you did not know what to do? All you knew in that moment was life as you knew it suddenly seemed all was falling apart. Me too. In fact, I experienced this sensation last week. I woke up to an unexpected call. The information shared with me […]

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EMPOWER HER BLOG: The Key For Results

Can I tell you a secret? I have never been the best gardener. The only thing I have ever been proud of ‘growing’ is a mud pie I made in grade school. And, that pie was beautiful! Back then, I believed I created a masterpiece including…mud…sticks…and plucked flower weeds I obtained from my parent’s backyard. […]

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