My Inner Circle

Having true friends is something we all desire. Better yet, it is something we all need in our lives to feel complete! The term friendship is getting tossed around quite loosely these days. In our social media-driven society, friendships can be measured by the amount of followers one has on his/her Instagram page. But, can [...]

A Friendship That Covers

My reason for chasing after God was to be the person that I never had to someone else. As a teen, I longed for someone to come and walk through life with me. Someone who had been there before and wanted nothing more than the best for me. So, when the opportunity arose for me [...]

Empower Her LIVE

Hey, Honey Bunches! It's BG here 💞 I hope you are enjoying the blog posts on Empower Her Blog. I'm so grateful for the support you give every week on this platform. God is truly moving in this brand! Because you all are so awesome, I've decided it's time for us to chat! That's right! [...]

Starting Over Again As A Christian

" I remember when no song would phase me. I remember thinking no prayer could penetrate me. I remember when no emotion towards church would escape me. I remember thinking no low level could describe me. It had been years of me fighting against God's presence. How could we ever reconcile? It's not like I [...]

We Cannot Bear It All!

The day we choose to accept Jesus Christ as Lord we are entering on to a new spiritual path. A path that is in need of guidance and support! During my spiritual journey, I've been a part of great faith based communities. Yet, I wasn't always comfortable to share certain battles I was fighting alone. [...]

Mirrors Part III: Does It Really Take All Of That?

Falling in love with ourselves isn't as beautiful as a Disney princess movie! Especially, if we have allowed other's perceptions to manipulate the vision of what we see in ourselves. Some times it takes a messy situation for us to realize just how beautiful we really are. If you are reading this blog post for [...]