When You Have Given Your All Part VI

There’s a familiar story in the Bible that I’m sure you’ve heard at least once in your lifetime. More than likely, someone shared it with you as a young child. You may have been a little older. Either way, I believe when I share the first eight words you’ll know it instantly! You ready? For […]

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When Will It Be My Turn?

If you’re anything like me, you don’t like waiting, for nothing! You prefer to have what you want without time getting in between the very thing that’s attracting and you. New Car? Diploma? House? New Job? Pay Check? Pay Raise? Marriage? Kids? Degree? Pizza?!? Okay, maybe not everything on the list, but you know you […]

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2 Years No Sex, No Masturbation!

If you would’ve asked me two years ago, “Could you ever see yourself being celibate and sharing publicly about it?”👀 …….. My response probably would have sounded a lot like, “You’re kidding, right?” Mentally, I had already psyched myself out of several purity attempts. And frankly, I didn’t think it could be possible to start […]

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No Sex. No Masturbation.

Ding! Ding! Ding! The fight is on. Every morning when I am half asleep. Though my eyes are closed, I can still envision past affairs that I prematurely shared with individuals who I no longer have a connection to. Just an uneasy desire that makes it difficult to get out of the bed. Should I […]

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