Becoming In Faith

Did you know there are three stages of becoming spiritually? The first stage is unbecoming. The second stage is becoming. And, the final stage is become. I believe each stage of becoming in faith is necessary for our spiritual growth and provides a blueprint for those who cross our path. “We are carefully joined together […]

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What You Speak Is What You Get!

I believe one of the coolest things about growing up with older parents is you get exposed to more things than a person who has younger parents. For example, my parents were young in the 70s. Growing up with my parents I grew accustomed to listening to music from the 70s! Therefore, when it comes […]

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What Does It Mean To Be A Christian?

What’s interesting about Christianity for me is I grew up in Christianity and didn’t understand the full context of a Christ follower until a few years ago 😳 I grew up in church culture. My Father, Pastor. My Mother, First Lady. I attended Sunday School…weekly. Celebrated Easter & Christmas…yearly. However, I really didn’t comprehend the […]

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Spiritual Nuggets: The Naomi Blessing: When God Silently Works For Your Good!

Welcome to Spiritual Nuggets on Empower Her Blog! We share tips to empower you to grow spiritually stronger in less than 2 Minutes. Having faith in God requires for you to believe in Him no matter the outcome or how long it takes. Sometimes waiting on God can be difficult when you see God blessing […]

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