Don’t Abandon Your Abandonment Journey!

My abandonment story began for me at the young age of four years old. In 1990, I recall an incident of being bullied and emotionally abused, which required me to go stay with a cousin. It’s interesting how I can still recall every detail of that very moment! During the incident, I was told that [...]

“I’m not single, I’m complete!”: Here’s why I’ve chosen to stop dating.

Since I was a young girl, I've been in love with love. I used to plan out my dream wedding before I could even ride a bike! The decor, food, guests, music, venue, wedding party, I penciled in the back of my mind and made sure to leave room for future bae. I could even [...]

Read The Bible, On The Regular!

Okay, I'll share with you a secret. I sometimes go a day without reading the Bible. Yep, I said it. *Cues the dramatic music* Go ahead and judge ya girl! It's totally fine and it's not like I can see your facial expressions. 😃 I'm sharing this with you today because lately I've been getting [...]

Silencing The Noise: Dear, Kanye.

Dear Kanye, I don't understand the magnitude of what you are experiencing, yet we are similar. You see, most of my life I felt I've been living under a microscope. It doesn't take too long for my actions to be blasted and criticized by people who believe their opinions are valid. At the same time, [...]

Serving: How I Discovered My Gift In Children’s Church!

If I had a room filled with family and childhood friends, most would say singing is my gift. Since I was about four years old, I have been singing. I started using my gift in the youth choir at church. I would sing, sing, sing until my heart was content! As I reached school age, [...]

Faith It! :How Do You Respond To The Giants In Your Life?

Can you imagine life without faith? It doesn't sound right to you either, huh? Throughout my whole life, I've read many scriptures and heard sermons on faith to a point where I can confidently quote most bible stories! Without hesitation, I'll share how David killed Goliath, Job gained more than he lost, Hannah had a [...]