Right now, it is the perfect time!

You’ve been sitting on that thing for so long.

I’m surprised you’re able to still manage by keeping it hidden!

How many days has it been?

How many months has passed?

God gave you the permission to move.

What’s the hold up?

Write the book!

Start the blog!

Finish the degree!

Open the business!

Give to that organization!

Join the church!

Surrender the desire!

The one person who can fulfill God’s plans for your life is you.

As simple as that sounds, some times making the necessary faith to move can seem difficult.

The thought of the unknown never sounds attractive, but when you know the one who has authority over your life is guiding you the path will always lead to victory!

Now, if that doesn’t give you the confidence to start with the vision maybe this truth will: God cannot fail you. (Hebrews 13:5-6)

Anything God puts His stamp and approval on wins!

Every person God has given vision to conquer has won.

Let me share with your His track record…

Moses vs. Pharaoh… God’s victory!

David vs. Goliath…God’s victory!

Esther vs. Haman…God’s victory!

Jesus vs. Death…God’s victory!

Me vs. Lust…God’s victory!

The very moment God told you to move it was His approval to do just that: move!


You see, as I write this to you I am in the process of moving to a victory.

Before making the decision to move, I wasted so much time being stagnant.

I literally sat down while days and months passed.

I’d wake up every day knowing there was one thing God told me to do, but I didn’t know how to start.

There were days I even thought about how will finances come to support what God told me yes to as if He doesn’t have the resources to supply!

Honey Bunches, I don’t know if you feel this way about your vision, but I want you to know what the Holy Spirit shared with me in order to move:

God supplies everything He gives you permission to conquer.

I’m sure you’ve read Philippians 4:19, right?

There’s not one vision God tells us to figure out the outcome; He will tell us to trust Him and be obedient to move!

The reason why I believe this is your time for you to just start on the path into the unknown is because someone is waiting on you.

The more you wait to move the longer it will take for them to receive what they need to thrive spiritually.

Oh, you thought the vision was limited to you?

Think again!

I believe God gives us ideas and visions for kingdom purposes.

Do you know the best thing about the God’s victory list I mentioned above?

There wasn’t one victory limited to the person God called.

For each victory for God’s kingdom leads to the freedom of those who are attached to the purpose of God.

What better time for you to choose this moment to just start on what God has desired for you!

Someone is waiting on the very things God only desires from you to fulfill.

Are you up for the challenge?

Purpose Nuggets! 

The one person who can fulfill God’s plans for your life is you.

God supplies everything He gives you permission to conquer.

 For each victory for God’s kingdom leads to the freedom of those who are attached to the purpose of God.

Writer: BG

Photo Credits: Harold Jackson

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